Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rhino Charge 2013 GENERAL RELEASE

E-SHOT – 30 April 2013

Changes to the structure of the Landowners Access Fee (LAF) & spectators’ wristband charges – RC2013


The Landowners Access Fee (LAF) will be replaced with a Vehicle Access Fee (VAF) with immediate effect.


The Vehicle Access Fee (VAF) for RC2013 varies depending on the type of vehicle entering the venue as follows:


  • Car / 4WD                            KES 10,000/- per vehicle
  • Mini bus                               KES 15,000/- per vehicle
  • Rosa Type bus                   KES 30,000/- per vehicle
  • Big bus/over lander        KES 50,000/- per vehicle

All spectator wristband charges are abolished but every vehicle entering the venue will have to pay the applicable Vehicle Access Fee (VAF) listed above including spectator’s vehicles that only enter the venue on the day of the event. Upon payment of the Vehicle Access Fee (VAF), each passenger will be issued with a wristband free of charge.  The wristbands will only be used as an access control tool.


The reasons for these changes in the charging structure of the event are twofold;


  1. To simplify the logistics surrounding revenue collection by only having a single point of payment;
  2. To generate a new revenue stream for Rhino Ark in order to halt the widening gap between expense & income created by high inflation, whilst simultaneously maintaining our commitment to the landowners.


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