Friday, 16 September 2011

Land Rover DC100

Now that is has been unveiled its time to ask the hardcore Land Rover people, I am talking especially about the Defender die-hards, what they think of the possible replacement for Defender as we know it!   The DC100 was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow – while some of us could not even spot a decent Defender @ the just ended Total Motorshow – and it looks like we are much closer to the end of an epoch  for Land Rover! Come 2015 and I shall just have to have two Defenders, the golden oldie and the new kid on the block! Hmmh… I wonder what all my pals with Disco’s and RR’s will do, not to mention my good friend with the American muscle…Bob Kaugi.  Hehehehe, let’s wait and see!



Friday, 2 September 2011

That one time your rover let you down!

We all sing the praises of our rovers and blast off any other vehicle make, its part of the culture when you are experiencing true freedom with the best 4x4 ever made.  All said there are those days when it takes divine intervention to stop you opening the doors and throwing in a petrol bomb!  We want to share the best of the worst moments so take a deep breath and unleash some of your “urghh” moments! Trust me, it’ll be therapeutic too for the rest of the community!  J