Thursday, 6 December 2012

Northern Circuit

Eldoret Northern Circuit December Trip UPDATE

Hi all,

A quick update on the Northern Circuit trip next week.

No briefing takes place this Saturday to allow those who can make it down to Nakuru for the Rift Valley Motor Show to do that (see poster).  Let’s get down there and show some club love to the good people of Nakuru. Show days are Saturday and Sunday (8th and 9th December).

Wednesday morning (12th December) Meeting and departure point is the Shell Petrol Station in Westlands (opposite the Oil Libya near The Mall). Meet up from 7am and roll out at 7.30am.  Remember to print out and fill out your registration form and carry it with you (very important).

The Map and other details are as below so all late risers can catch up! Lunch stop is at Roberts Camp in Baringo.  Get lots of water and snacks in your rides. Remember no drinking while driving, there’ll be plenty of time to unwind come the evenings on all 3 nights! 


for Bundu Rovers Team

P.S.  If you can’t make it all the way make a point to hook up with us on 14th Dec Friday evening in Naivasha/Elementaita and party with the Bundu Rovers (keep in touch on 0713 736 153 for trip updates as we roll out)


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Guys n Gals,

An up to date version of the new  route map is attached.  We are looking at a round trip of max 1,000kms on scenic enjoyable routes, a mix of tarmac and murram conditions, wet and dry with some mud and dust to boot.

Accommodation (these are all recommended options, feel free to explore alternatives if you want to)

·                12th December - Lake Baringo – Roberts Camp ( from 3,100Kshs pp FB. Deposit required in advance. Call Roberts Camp to book on 0717176656 (see attached camp rates)

·                13th December - Eldoret – Relax Inn from 1,500 pp

·                14th December - *Naivasha – Fishermans Camp ( from 1,000 Kshs pp – Accommodation only (camping) (ELEMENTAITA also an option for the 14th)

Call 0713736153 for any additional inquires or email


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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Kilimanjaro Land Rover Expedition in December 2012


5 days out in the beautiful African Bush with Bund Rovers Club! Sign up on


November Club Action

Hi guys and gals,


November is around the corner, lots happening and definitely lots of excitement as the year takes that last curve towards the end. Action kicks off with Guru Nanak rally happening on the 17-18th, a random trip back to Mt Kenya for a few who just have to go back and some who never made it before and of course our Club Nite on the 24th.  If you have any action you want us to join in do holler back and those who can make it will be glad to join – by return email or email to, on our blog, on twitter or FB @bundurovers.


With the much anticipated Kilimanjaro Land Rover Expedition coming up in December (11th to 16th) we felt that the Club Nite in November needs to be different and this time round it will happen from 3pm on the 24th of November at the new Club Legend in Karen with big grounds and lots of room for us to wander around our machines and exchange notes on modifications, accessories and other tips and tricks we’ve been putting into our machines (WIP). This will definitely be a great forum and we look forward to your company alongside a few other LR gurus in town.   Please note Club Nite is a Land Rover only affair (Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, Evoque, Series 1,2 and 3) so let’s not bring Suzuki Escudo for display or issues for discussion.




Bundu Rovers Team

P.S. Here’s a link to some useful information and guides for the DIY crowd amongst us. Enjoy!!

Defender & Discovery -  

Range Rover -

Series 1,2 & 3 -


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mt Kenya Mud drive

Hi guys and gals,


What a weekend!  Lots of fun despite the few hiccups and hitches and a big thank you to all who turned up and to the organizing team starting with Drive Captain Aarif, Vincent & Dr. Mworia of the Eastern Zone Mt. Kenya Forest Conservancy.   We’ll be heading back there in February to complete the mission and take on some new routes with interesting challenges.


In between now and the next Club activity do spruce up your rides, enjoy Oktoberfest, Guru Nanak rally and all the other action to the full!


Bundu Rovers Team


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Range Rover Classic 4 door for sale - Specifications

Specs for the machine....

3.9Ltr single belt engine  1' hub spacers  2' inch lift-kit (shocks, springs, poly bushes from USA)  New centre exhaust box  New vented brake discs with calipers  New side-steps  New Bull-Bar  New Bosch spotlights x 2  New steering guard  New checker-plate floor throughout  New Goodyear "Wrangler" tyres x 4  New high-lift jack  New hand-made mohogany centre-box console  Complet new clutch assembly (Original)  New accelerator cable  New distributor cap/leads

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Hi guys and gals,

Anyone on the lookout for a RR Classic - 4 door? 1.1m or nearest offer, this machine is in top notch form! 

for Bundu Rovers Team 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Range Rover Classic 4 door for sale

Hi guys and gals,

Anyone on the lookout for a RR Classic - 4 door? 1.1m or nearest offer, this machine is in top notch form! 

for Bundu Rovers Team 

Friday, 6 July 2012

club bbq on 14th July

Hi guys and gals,


Ahead of the much anticipated Xtremefest 2012 on 5th of August  we’ve organized a bbq (nyama choma) on the 14th July at Ridgeways inn off Kiambu road on the right just past Nakumatt Ridgeways and Ridgeways road and just before turn off to Runda. No cover charges, you do your drinks!


Bundu Rovers Club

(see  for more details on xtremefest)


Monday, 4 June 2012

Point and go....can you really?

Point and go is a cliche all we Land Rover people use and take pride in.  It would be nice to believe that everyone driving a Land Rover can do exactly that but when you start to poke into the minds of owners a cold sweat starts to break out with the realization that many of us don't bother to scratch beneath the surface of the machines and think that as long as we point where we can to go the machines we drive will do the rest.  The point of celebration for Land Rover is definitely the unbeatable combination of a brilliant range of 4x4 machines and people with the enthusiasm and skills for the lifestyle that the machines call us to.  Let's take some time and bond with these machines, literally, it makes for the all the difference between pointing and getting there or not at all.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The DC100 and future of Defender....the African view....

Now that I have not been polled as a Defender owner on my thoughts if any on the future of Defender I thought it would be best to just get on and say what I have to say.  Let's start with the lousy points.  Why would JLR make the successor to Defender a blown up Mini?  The resemblance is too eerie for words and sets us up for a beating in public forums..."Look at that mean mega mini" type of talk.  The plastiky look of the machine is another point.  Feels like its a fiberglass job and for battle hardened Defender people like myself that is definitely not a plus.  That aside, the features on the machine and the retaining of Defender abilities definitely mean that for the Defender at soul types like myself we can still 'point and go' and know we will get back some time in the future.  I do however dare the JLR crowd....much as they are looking at 'emerging markets' to take time out and test the prototype in the African bush, perhaps they would put our minds at ease about expensive paint jobs and that kind of stuff after a spot of greenlaning the African way! And just in case you are wondering where my postion is, yes I will be buying the DC100 when it comes out, but I won't be selling my good old Defender either! So the missus needs to make room for yet another Solihull product.  Long Live Defender. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lukenya dunes


Still coming up in May our date with nature on Sunday the 27th…sign up for the Green Mile


Coming up in June…Rhinocharge….and later that month…an all out action packed Trail drive…..


Details soon..the Bundu Rovers Crew….


P.S. Catch some clips from drives and all on YouTube….here’s a start off link for Xtremefest 2009….

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

BRC 2012 Quarter 2 Calendar

Hi guys n gals!


The Bundu Rovers Club Q2 calendar is out, lots of fun to be had now that the rains have checked in!   We had fun catching the action at the Athi River Challenge and just to get us warmed up for the ‘hard stuff coming your way this quarter we have our first event on Saturday the 14th of April….details soon! Spread the word, mark those dates and be there with your fun, let’s have more fun!!



Membership is up for annual renewal for the 2012 period (running through to March 2013); Rates are Kshs 5,000 per adult and Kshs 7,500 per couple!  This year’s renewal brings with it some benefits whose details we will be rolling out soon so watch this space for more details.  You can download a membership form off the web ( ) or contact us on to arrange for collection of your payment and for any queries.


Happy Easter!  Be safe out there



Bundu Rovers Club


Friday, 30 March 2012

last call up to the athi river challenge on sunday 1st april

Its only hours away to Sunday and the Athi River Challenge …. look out for the Bundu Rovers Club vantage spot and lets have some funky fun……… there’s a camping option for Saturday night so get your camping gear together bring your fun and let’s have a ball!




Monday, 19 March 2012

Athi River challenge April 1st

Hi guys,


Here are details for the next event we shall be at, look out for the Bundu Rovers Club corner and come on over and lets enjoy the day out in Athi River…it might be wet if we get rains in the next week so carry some proper gear!   If you fancy entering your machine in the intermediate or advanced competitions the details are all included.  There are camping options for those who want a night out camping in the bush…. see you there!



for Bundu Rovers Club


Option A:

There are Bandas available in a beautiful little camp 1km from the venue courtesy of Acacia Camp Swara Plains. You can visit: to get the various rates.


You can make bookings via:

Acacia Camp Manager

Mobile: 0733812556/0733912994

Email: or


Option B:

If you want to self cater camp, an area will be provided on the 20,000acre ranch, just a walking distance from the main event. Only water will be provided so you’ll need to carry the rest of your camping gear.

Camping fee charged is @ Kshs. 1000 per person.