Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The DC100 and future of Defender....the African view....

Now that I have not been polled as a Defender owner on my thoughts if any on the future of Defender I thought it would be best to just get on and say what I have to say.  Let's start with the lousy points.  Why would JLR make the successor to Defender a blown up Mini?  The resemblance is too eerie for words and sets us up for a beating in public forums..."Look at that mean mega mini" type of talk.  The plastiky look of the machine is another point.  Feels like its a fiberglass job and for battle hardened Defender people like myself that is definitely not a plus.  That aside, the features on the machine and the retaining of Defender abilities definitely mean that for the Defender at soul types like myself we can still 'point and go' and know we will get back some time in the future.  I do however dare the JLR crowd....much as they are looking at 'emerging markets' to take time out and test the prototype in the African bush, perhaps they would put our minds at ease about expensive paint jobs and that kind of stuff after a spot of greenlaning the African way! And just in case you are wondering where my postion is, yes I will be buying the DC100 when it comes out, but I won't be selling my good old Defender either! So the missus needs to make room for yet another Solihull product.  Long Live Defender. 

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