Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Spoit4Choice Jamhuri Weekend Info

Hi guys and gals!


The end of the year is around the corner, talk about time flying while you’re having a good time! The dust has barely settled on the Athi 4x4 Challenge and Great Run 6 and here we are on the verge of the #Spoilt4Choice weekend as we mark 51 years of independence for Kenya.  It hasn’t been an easy transition into the second half of a century of independence but we continue to treasure our beloved country and all that it has to offer and what better way to do so than to get out, #PointAndGoBeyond and do something different to mark Jamhuri day?  Reach out to that fellow country man and woman and be a difference in their lives this Jamhuri weekend!


Speaking of  being #Spoilt4Choice we have Xtremefest Rough Jazz edition going down at Lukenya hills this Friday and Saturday with lots of action, camping, trail driving, charity car wash to name but a few. The action kicks off from 11am on Friday with a season ticket guaranteeing entry on both days as well as access to camping facilties etc.  Anyone can take part (4x4s are advisable for the trail drives and challenge activities) and with the rough jazz and outdoor carnivore athmosphere this promises to be an Xtremefest to remember…#XtremefestRoughJazz is the hashtag for the event, be sure to tag your pals in all your pictures there… contact Eric for more info 0713 452 446 or check out the Xtremefest Land Rover Appreciation Day page on Facebook, @XtremefestLAD on twitter



Similarly over in Iten county we will be rocking to the 4x4 Bush Party, teaming up with the Iten county government to kick-start promotion of the Rimoi National Reserve as a tourist destination.  This is devolution at its very best and we will be taking the party to the wild with game drives, off road challenge, beauty pageant and a proper bush party to light up the skies in Iten county. Pack that 4x4 with your camping gear, load up on the necessary goodies and hook up with the convoy on Friday morning 6am to set off on this grand adventure… #Rimoi4x4BushParty is the hashtag for the event, be sure to tag your pals in all your pictures….contact Vincent for more info 0722 537 365 or check out the Bundu Rovers Club page on Facebook



Wherever you’ll be, make sure to be safe as you enjoy the weekend and extend the Bundurovers cheer to someone else!




Bundu Rovers team!


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