Wednesday, 5 March 2014

March 22nd Club BBQ

Lukenya Club BBQ 

Happening on Saturday the 22nd of March in Lukenya from 2pm onwards (with optional overnight camping for those interested).  Paid up members will be receiving their 2014 kit at this event too.   

·  There's a camp fee of 500Kshs per person

·  Choma will be on the grill, bring your own food & drinks and camping gear. 

·  We will be having a car boot barter trade cum sale session so if you've got stuff to give away or sell better load it up in your machine and bring it along.

·  Great opportunity to get all details on the club, give input on drives and activities and generally hang out  

Directions: Lukenya BBQ site is down Mombasa rd past Lukenya hill and off on the left turn just after Simba cement site.  Drive for about 6kms and turn right off the track opposite the Kyosumbugua Guest House sign, drive up 3km following the markers. (GPS markers S 01°27.880’ E037°08.940’) 


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